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There are various ways to obtain cheap flight tickets either online or over the telephone. There are also methods you can use when you walk into a travel agents or airline office where you can use some cunning techniques that will get you that cheaper airfare.

The Airlines do not want you to know these money saving techniques of course and will gladly take your money knowing full well that there was a cheaper fare available. The travel agents and airlines are in business to make money and they all have share holders eager to see the annual profits. There are no illegal techniques on this web sites that will get you into any form of trouble. Just honest ways to save you money on your air travel. I have been traveling all over the World for many years and I still use these tips and tricks to save me money on flight tickets. You can do it remotely if you wish though I do prefer to do my flight ticket purchases either online or over the telephone. The reasons for this are outlined in this web site.

Just click on any of the links on the right hand side to reveal each method that I would personally use to obtain cheaper airfare. I love to travel by air and the journey is always a more pleasant one if you have made some great savings. If you start a discussion with the passenger next to you I think you will find that you have paid far less for the exact same plane ticket providing you use some of my techniques. It does not matter if you fly domestic or International, my methods can get you cheap flights every time. Sometimes you need to educate yourself and be a little bit hard-nosed when it comes to getting good deals.

You may be surprised how much you can save on flight tickets providing you can show to the travel agent or the airline your experience in buying tickets. At the moment this advantage may be with them but armed with the information on this web site you will have the upper hand. Knowledge is power in most business and you will find that learning the right steps to take when purchasing cheap flight tickets will save you money.

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